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Why is a Horror Movie Scary?

Horror movies, we all love an excellent scare and to be quite frank, the world would have been a different place without one. The film industry would be somewhat different also. Producers, writers and directors from world wide frequently test their skills and divulge into certainly one of cinema's oldest and many famous genres, but have horror flicks maintained their scare factor over time? 95% of horror films made today are still entertaining to some extent, but very rarely do these films obviously have the opportunity to frighten just like the classics used to. A lot of horrors delivered to the large screen lately annoyingly match the PG-13 horror thriller category, but are these really likely to have the same effect since the Exorcist once produced? Exactly what does an effective horror flick include? Consider a look..- face cam

Going To The Extreme

Remember "Friday the 13th" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (Original)? Both oldies, extremely successful And incredibly scary. The reason why these movies were so terrifying in the 1980's is because they showcased exactly what can only be referred to as extreme elements no time before seen. Both films featured violent, murderous villains set on causing the maximum amount of suffering and pain as you can. The extreme nature for these films is what essentially kept the viewers' eyes glued towards the screen. Murder is unfortunately a regular occurrence in the present society, without question of life.. but seeing someone getting split in 2 having a chainsaw is a lot more disturbing than hearing about an unfamiliar person who's been killed in the random stabbing or drive-by shooting.

They behind the greater recent "Saw" Trilogy adopted the effective 'extreme element' rule, the villains twisted and bloody survival games in the films tested the boundaries from the average viewer's imagination, viewers couldn't help but put themselves within the horrific situations displayed inside Trilogy, this resulted in countless toe curling moments, cringing left, right and center not to mention viewers planning to see more - the right horror!

The Soundtrack

A significant MUST then one of the most basic rules in developing a successful horror is optimizing the usage of sound. The greater traditional horrors have fairly predicatable soundtracks, viewers can usually predict when a scare normally takes place through note with the forboding tunes played immediately beforehand, to make sure area of the fun! Another common trick that producers and directors like to employ inside their films, is placing the music activity directly prior to the scary scene itself, and then end it suddenly, (supplying the audience the wrong sense of relief), and then resuming immediately just as the next "shock" appears.

These tactics had a job with a long time, and it remains a staple of the horror genre. Unfortunately after a period of energy, just like a magic trick which has been used multiple times, it loses it's appeal.

Newer films are now implementing new formulas to the mix, trying to heighten the scare factor. A trick that's increasingly common is omitting sound completely. Using music as a "cue" for the scary scenes may be somewhat distracting in certain films. For example, should you be alone in the house and saw a ghost, you obviously wouldn't use a musical warning. Therefore, when directors go for no sound in introducing their frightening material, the scares often seem and feel more authentic.

The Unexplained

There is no secrete that humans are most fearful of the things they do not understand, something we can't comprehend can simply become frightening. Consider it this way, the truth that whilst so many people are unafraid of death, they're fearful of the manner in which they will die. Anxiety about unknown, the unexplained phenomena in life that causes a massive a feeling of discomfort too people, film directors simply love to exploit this and it is very efficient.

More and more horrors are employing samples of the unexplained, stories about ghosts, the occult, and human possession are fascinating because to this day, these subjects remain ultimately a mystery to us. The "what if's" start kicking around your mind, conveniently complimented using the uneasy feeling in your stomach - could this really happen?

"Based On the True Story"

The bold "based on the true story" claim, often displayed shortly prior to the film begins. This trick is one thing that is not widely used, but can certainly gain the suspense before, during AND after the show is finished. "The Exorcist" as an example was released was developed 1970's, nothing ended up produced similar to this before, it was truly unique. An average, innocent young daughter is targeted with a demon, a demon with otherworldly powers that's set on pain and suffering. The scenes which were featured within "The Exorcist" were for it's time period, nothing short of shocking. This combined with proven fact that the video is actually based on a true story only fueled worries inside viewers. Could this occur to me!?- face cam

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